How to Determine if your toilet tank's flapper is faulty with tips from Lowe's

This video is about your magical bathroom device— the toilet. The toilet is a thing that sees a lot of use in the house, and problems can arise from time to time. One of the biggest bathroom issues is a toilet that runs on after flushing, or starts running or flushing by itself. It's a possessed porcelain poltergeist. Lowe's knows that's this problem can really run up your water bill, and they have some advice to stop that leaky toilet.

Joel and Courtney explain some of the issues that may arise with your bathroom toilet. Learn how your toilet works and what to do when certain issues present themselves. Courtney also shows a simple test to see if your toilet flapper is working. Put food coloring into the toilet tank and if after 25 minutes, coloring is in the bowl, then you should replace your flapper.

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