How To: Fix a running toilet easily

Fix a running toilet easily

Having trouble with your toilet continually running? Here's a video to help you with that troublesome toilet. 1. Check the flapper valve if it is already worn out. This can be done by pulling the siphon end and running your fingers around the valve. 2. If you can feel grit and lime scale, then, it needs to be cleaned. However, if it feels distorted or damaged, it needs to be replaced. 3. Check the chain or the wire link connecting the arm lever to the rubber flapper valve. It may be too short causing the flapper valve to remain open, thus, causing water to always leak through. In order to fix this kind of problem, replace the chain with a longer one. 4. Check the float ball if it is positioned too high. If it is, easily reposition it by gently bending the arm while making sure it is not touching any side of the tank or bent too low. However, if the float ball is damaged, it may need to be replaced. 5. Hopefully one of these steps may help resolve your problem but if you're still stumped, you can call your plumber.

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