How To: Get rid of that smell coming from your shower

Get rid of that smell coming from your shower

In this tutorial, we learn how to get rid of that smell coming from your shower with Bob Schmidt. First, you will want to clean out your drain pipes to make sure the smell is not coming from there. If the smell is coming back out, you will need to do additional work. If water gets saturated into the base of the shower, then there should be some gravel around it so the water can soak through and go down into the drain pipe. If moisture soaks through the tile grout, then it can bring out the sewer smell that you are smelling. To help this, you will need to use some Simple Green disinfectant and pour it down your mud pan, which will clean the terrible smell you are smelling.

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So I did both the trap clean with the paint roller and then a couple of weeks later I tried the mud pan soak. Two things. First, it was unclear how side of an area on the floor of my shower I was to cover with the mixture. Second, duct tape did not keep the cleaner there for very long. I went away for a while, can't recall how long, and when I returned, it was already drained out. I am guessing an hour or so, but it is a guess. Is there a way to put the duct tape on that would work better to hold the liquid (I put the sticky side against the drain cap), or is this just an indication of how porous my grout is? There are a couple of places I noticed that the grout needs refurbishing . . . .

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