How To: Identify wire colors and do some basic home wiring

Identify wire colors and do some basic home wiring

If you have never dealt with wire color-coding then Old64goat takes you through a very elementary tutorial that will give you the helpful aid needed to deal with common household wires. The first cord that is reviewed is the three pronged cord. The color wires contained within it is the green wire which is the ground prong, the white wire which is neutral, and the black wire which is the heat. Old64goat then demonstrates where the wires are connected to on the prong. He even gives out helpful memorization tips for the cords like: Green is ground like the grass, white is the cold side of the line much like snow, and black is the heat which, as Old64goat puts it, can roast you to a black crisp. Also shown is a possible red wire which is typically connected to 220 circuits and is then demonstrated to guide you in the locations of the wires in this cord. In addition to the wires, Old64goat reveals to us a breaker and how to operate it if problems occur. To finish off the video a small overview on how to attach a wire-nut to a cut cord is shown and how to put cables in a forge box. Old64goat is a really great person to refer to if ever there be problems with common cords.

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