How To: Install a chandelier (and most decorative hanging light fixtures)

Install a chandelier (and most decorative hanging light fixtures)

Gary Clark shows you what it takes to hang a beautiful new chandelier in your home, and believe it or not, the installation is simple! No matter what kind of hanging light fixture you're installing in your ceiling, the process is generally the same, where you first need to cut a hole in the drywall and run some wire to the panel. Then make sure you have a junction box that can support the weight of the fixture.

If you've got that part of the electrical work finished, this video takes over from there. First, cut the power by switching off the breaker. Next, attach the light to the junction box. Connect the wires, white with white, black with black and green with green (or bare copper). If there is an additional wire (blue or red), this is for an alternate dimmer switch, it would go with the red wire from the ceiling. If no red wire is present, connect to the white wire. Attach the canopy and put in the bulbs.

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