How To: Install a sprinkler system properly

Install a sprinkler system properly

Tim Carter of AsktheBuilder discusses all new fire sprinkler design and how to install them. Automatic fire sprinklers can be installed in a new home or your existing home. Smoke detectors are good, but fire sprinklers along with the smoke detectors are better. These sprinklers can protect you and your family from fires, which can be extremely destructive. A great video with tips to make your home safer.

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If you do this or try to have a plumber do this for you I GUARANTEE you are going to have BIG problems. Real sprinkler systems require hydraulic calculations and a lot more than just screwing a few sprinklers into some tees. If you are seriously considering installing a fire sprinkler system to your home, do not listen to this lunatic or anyone that says you can "do it yourself".

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