How To: Install a thermostat

Install a thermostat

Getting a pro to replace a broken thermostat can be costly, but if you pay close attention, you can learn how to replace it yourself.
You Will Need
* A Phillips screwdriver
* Masking tape
* A pen
* A new thermostat
* A level
* A drill with a 3/16-inch bit
* Drywall anchors
* A hammer

Step 1
Turn off the main electrical power switch to the heating and air conditioning unit.

Step 2
Pry the cover from your old thermostat. Unscrew the wall mount to separate the thermostat's wiring from the wall.

Step 3
Using masking tape, label each wire as you disconnect it from its terminal connector. Then slip the sub-base over the wires and remove it from the wall.

Loosely knot the wires together to prevent them from slipping back inside the wall as you remove the sub-base.

Step 4
Pull the wires through the feed hole in the new thermostat and place it flat against the wall. Use a level to position it, and then mark the top, sides, and screw holes with a pen.

Make sure the new thermostat is level so it will work properly.

Step 5
Drill the screw holes and hammer the drywall anchors into the holes until they are flush with the wall.

Step 6
Carefully connect each wire to the new terminal and screw the new thermostat sub-base to the wall.

Step 7
Replace the outside cover of the new thermostat and restore power to the furnace.

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