How To: Install under cabinet fluorescent lighting

Install under cabinet fluorescent lighting

It can be very difficult to see underneath wall cabinets. The cabinets and your body can cause a lot of shadows and make it very hard to see. Getting light under the cabinets is very easy. The answer is to install thin profile fluorescent lights that are made to go under the cabinets. Remove the diffuser and bulb from the lamp and you will expose the screw holes. Put the lamp up under the cabinet in the location that you want them to hang. You want to install them as far forward as possible. Mark the position of the holes and drill a small pilot hole. Then attach the fixture using small pan head screws. Usually these fixtures have to plug in. So to take care of the cord use some plastic conduit to cover the wires. Cut the plastic conduit to size, peal the tape off of the conduit, stick it too the wall, and put the plug wire inside of the conduit. Now all that is left is to put the bulb and diffuser back into the light fixture and you are ready to go.

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