How To: Make a Siphon Hose

Make a Siphon Hose

Step 1 Get the requirements

You will need a plastic cap (from a bottle), PVC pipe, and a tube with a diameter not larger than the cap's.

(1) Cap, (2) PVC, (3) Tube

Step 2 Drill some holes

You need to drill 2 little holes, one in the cap, and one in the PVC pipe. It should look like this:

(1) Hole in cap, (2) Hole in PVC

Step 3 Final steps

Push the tube through the PVC pipe, and then pull it in the hole of the cap. Then pull the tube back so the cap locks one side of the PVC pipe.

Step 4 Let the magic start!

Now that we have made our homemade siphon hose, we can start siphoning :D!

Do it like this:

Put the cap end (side 1) into the water, have a bucket ready, suck on the tubing (side 2) making sure you don't ingest any liquid, and then quickly put the tubing into the bucket and the water will flow in magically!

How to Make a Siphon Hose

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