How To: Reduce cord clutter

Reduce cord clutter

Have you ever looked behind your desk and found a clutter of cords? Cords tend to find ways of tangling themselves up, so watch this video to learn how to reduce the clutter.

A snarl of cords is messy and can be dangerous, especially if your pets play with them and chew on them. Here's how to eliminate this hazard.

Step 1: Buy devices with retractable cords

Buy devices with retractable cords so only the amount of cord needed is visible.

Step 2: Use cord ties

Use cord ties to bind cords together.

TIP: You can also use cable ties, clips, and Velcro fasteners.

Step 3: Hide in cord tubes

Hide multiple cords in a cord tube or cover.

Step 4: Clip your cords

Clip your cords with cord clips under a desk or behind your workstation.

Step 5: Paint

Tack cords to the wall and paint them the same color as the wall to help hide their presence.

Did you know? In the United States, each year more than 15,000 people suffer fatal accidents from hazards in their home.

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