How To: Replace a faucet easily

Replace a faucet easily

Whether it's broken or just plain ugly, your old faucet can be replaced with a shiny new one in a flash. Learn how to replace a faucet without calling the handyman or the plumber.

You Will Need

* Tape measure
* A new faucet
* Safety glasses
* A bucket
* A crescent or basin wrench
* Non-abrasive cleaner
* Two new supply lines
* Penetrating oil
* Plumber's putty
* Pipe joint compound

Tips: You may want to replace the supply lines as well. Just make sure they're the right size for the new faucet. If you don't see a shut-off valve under the sink, follow the pipes until you find it, or turn off the main water supply to your house, which is usually located in the basement or close to the water meter. If the nuts are very stiff, loosen them with penetrating oil.

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