How To: Replace a standard light switch with a dimmer switch

Replace a standard light switch with a dimmer switch

This video is from the Dummies video series. The video will describe the process of replacing a standard light switch with a dimmer switch. First you must pick a dimmer switch that has the capacity to control the light fixture you would like to dim. Add up the wattages of all light bulbs in the fixture and make sure it is less than the rated capacity of your dimmer switch. Next turn off the power to the existing switch from the breaker panel and test with a voltage meter. You will then remove the existing switch and attach the wires to the new dimmer switch according to the wiring instructions. Re-install the switch into the wall, turn on the breaker and test your new switch.

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how to convert a dimmer switch to a standard switch

Not much to it. Just kill the power at the breaker and remove the wire nuts from the black wires connected to the dimmer wires. Also disconnect the green ground if it's connected to the ground wire in the box (it better be!).

Then just attach the black wires to different terminals on your single-pole switch and attach the ground wire in the box to the yoke of the switch using the green screw. This video might help you out.

The neutral (white) wire in the box has nothing to do with the switch; it goes directly up to the light.

I have an existing six light system running off one switch I want to be able to operate/ dim each light separately.

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