How To: Thaw a Frozen Pipe

Thaw a Frozen Pipe

A frozen pipe doesn't have to mean major trouble. You can keep your water flowing all winter long.
You Will Need
* A hair dryer or portable heater

Step 1: Open all faucets
Open all of your faucets to see if any water flows. If it does, run warm water through the pipes. This can help thaw a frozen spot in the pipes.

Step 2: Locate the frozen spot
If no water flows, locate the most likely spots where pipes might freeze.

Check unheated basements, crawl spaces, and points where pipes run outside.

Step 3: Heat the frozen spot
Open the faucets in the house. Use a hair dryer or a portable heater to warm the frozen spot. After a few minutes, water should flow freely.

Fact: Umiat, Alaska, is the coldest spot in the United States, with an average temperature of 10.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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