How To: Unclog your shower drain

Unclog your shower drain

In this video from prohandymanlv we learn how to unclog a shower drain. Often people with long hair will have this problem as it falls out and combines with oils and shampoos to form a ball of blockage in the drain. Use gloves when working with drains. First remove the shower strainer. If you don't have the tools to grab the clog, use long screwdrivers. If it's deeper, a zippet will work. Stick it down the drain and it will grab the clog. He actually can see the clog when he unclogs this drain. You can buy a snake from a store for about fifteen dollars that will work very well. When you push the snake into the drain, tighten the lock and you can feel it picking up the debris. Bring it up and make sure you have a garbage bag to throw away the debris in. Dispose of it quickly!

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bathtube shower pluged tried snake no airvents on roof what do i need to do under the house

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