How To: Wire a combo switch outlet with constant power

Wire a combo switch outlet with constant power

Doing electrical work is one of the most intimidating tasks for a novice home repairman. But if you know what you're doing, the risk is pretty minimal. In this clip, Mark Donovan of shows us how wire a combo outlet with power.

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I'll say it's intimidating, especially when I feel that I keep getting different directions from every DIY site I've visited.

I am replacing a switch/outlet combo with a newer version, (Leviton T5225, as you show in your example). Problems I am facing is that I didn't do the wise thing and take a photo BEFORE disconnecting, so I am confused, as I have 2 black and 2 white wires, (see Photo). I believe I have determined which one is the "hot" /black wire, using a "Contact/Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector.

I would like for the switch NOT to control the outlet, as it previously did. Where then should these wires go? (This is an iPhone image, and "up" is to the left, sorry) The "hot " black wire is closest and most curved.

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