How To: Safely lockout electrical disconnects during repairs

Safely lockout electrical disconnects during repairs

This video aimed at electricians, is designed to help employers and employees what is required in the standard that is applied for the control of energy during maintenance and servicing of equipment and machinery. Employers are required by law to develop proper lockout safety procedures and provide proper protection materials and safety training. This video is highly important for any electrician, apprentice or journeyman, because it will help prevent injury… or even death.

All electrical equipment is required to have disconnects. At these disconnect spots, a lock or tag needs to be attached to prevent anyone from accidentally or purposefully turning the power back on while you are servicing the electrical equipment. If you're a residential, commercial or industrial electrician or maintenance personnel, this is must-see (for your own benefit). Check with your employer to get further information on lockout and ragout procedures and equipment.

*Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, 1992

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