How To: Unclog a sink drain

Unclog a sink drain

Do you have a clogged drain? In this DIY tutorial, Karen Schmidt shows you how to fix a clogged vanity sink drain. You'll never have to call a plumber to unclog your pipes again with this how to video.

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I am so excited, I just unclogged my bathroom sink using tweezers, hot water and dishwashing liquid!!! First I pulled as much hair out as possible with the tweezers. Then I ran a few sinkfuls of hot water. After it slowly drained the third time, I squeezed a certain dishwashing liquid around the stopper (Clue: it's 'tough on grease, soft on hands :D). The dishwashing liquid started attacking all the gunk and literally ran down the drain attacking the clog!! Now it's draining perfectly!!!

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